How do you survive?

What do you struggle with as a survivor of abuse? Please like and share with friends that you know are also suffering. This is for my education as well as yours. Thank you

Disappointed in myself

I don’t know about ya’ll, but today I’m having a rough day. I had to deal with my ex narcissist yesterday because he had to pick our daughter up. I’ve been shaken up ever since. How the hell does he have that power over me? The power to screw with my emotions and heart, whenContinue reading “Disappointed in myself”

An apology from a narcissist?

This blog is about mental illness and abuse survivors. It doesn’t matter what type of abuse, what age/s it happened, or what your diagnoses are, we are all in this fight together. That being said, I’m going to post a lot about narcissism because I’ve been the victim of them from the day I wasContinue reading “An apology from a narcissist?”

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