Off Topic: Can you please help and share?

I feel terrible for having to do this here, but I have no other choice. Recently my life has fallen apart and I’m way too behind to get anywhere. I live in a town of 650 people, you can imagine how many employment opportunities there are in the area. My dilemma, my car completely diedContinue reading “Off Topic: Can you please help and share?”

Trauma Victims: Would you redo life, if you could?

People always say that you’re not supposed to have regrets: How do you feel about that? After being the victim of trauma, would you go back and take it away, or are you thankful for what being a victim has taught you? After all, we wouldn’t be who we are today, without it. Clearly nobodyContinue reading “Trauma Victims: Would you redo life, if you could?”

Disappointed in myself

I don’t know about ya’ll, but today I’m having a rough day. I had to deal with my ex narcissist yesterday because he had to pick our daughter up. I’ve been shaken up ever since. How the hell does he have that power over me? The power to screw with my emotions and heart, whenContinue reading “Disappointed in myself”

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