Off Topic: Can you please help and share?

I feel terrible for having to do this here, but I have no other choice. Recently my life has fallen apart and I’m way too behind to get anywhere. I live in a town of 650 people, you can imagine how many employment opportunities there are in the area. My dilemma, my car completely diedContinue reading “Off Topic: Can you please help and share?”

How do you survive?

What do you struggle with as a survivor of abuse? Please like and share with friends that you know are also suffering. This is for my education as well as yours. Thank you

Trauma Victims: Would you redo life, if you could?

People always say that you’re not supposed to have regrets: How do you feel about that? After being the victim of trauma, would you go back and take it away, or are you thankful for what being a victim has taught you? After all, we wouldn’t be who we are today, without it. Clearly nobodyContinue reading “Trauma Victims: Would you redo life, if you could?”

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