Off Topic: Can you please help and share?

I feel terrible for having to do this here, but I have no other choice. Recently my life has fallen apart and I’m way too behind to get anywhere.

I live in a town of 650 people, you can imagine how many employment opportunities there are in the area. My dilemma, my car completely died on me and since I can’t get to work, I have no job. Now I have no job and no way to get to one either. I’m trying to find jobs online, to work from home, but the legitimate ones are far and few between. But I’ve applied for at least 10 jobs in the last few weeks.

So I ask you, I beg of you, can you please, please help me out on this GoGetFunding site? I need to get a car in order to survive. I also beg of you, to please share this request with anybody and everybody you know. When the car broke down originally, I was stuck in another state, on my way home, and had to sit in the car, in the cold for 6 hours before I could get help, because the car was not drivable.

Just after I broke down, I did a Go Fund Me on facebook to help cover the costs that my parents paid, to get the car out of impound and rent a U-Haul to get it back home. I’m so forever thankful for everything my good friends did. I had a goal of $250 and between 4 people, it was paid.

I don’t want to do another Funding request on Facebook because I don’t want to seem like a mooch or a begger. It makes me feel pathetic that I’m even here asking for help from strangers. If I wasn’t desparate, I wouldn’t be asking. I feel like a complete loser. But, I have to do something to get back on my feet or God knows what’ll happen. I share custody of a three year old, I can’t go without a car. Please help!


Published by bosssurvivor

I've only recently (at 43 years old) realized what my life's purpose is. I want to help others by sharing my experiences and creating a space where people can come, to feel supported and safe. I've endured struggles since the day I was born, as many of us have, and it's therapeutic to write about my life. Also, to help others but also to learn and grow by understanding other victims and their experiences as well.

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