Need help with blog: Newbie

Hello people, I’m sorry for the topic because it has nothing to do with the issues my blog is about. But, I can’t seem to figure anything out on this site and I’ve never blogged before so I’m getting stressed out.

I can’t figure out how to add a background to each page I start. Then I seem to get lost on this site and can’t find the page I was trying to find. I’ve looked at their Help website and attempted to find the answers there but couldn’t seem to find them. If anyone can help, please and thank you in advance.

That being said, I’ll be writing more on my blog topics soon. I have so much to say but I want to get the blog and technical issues out of the way so that each page is shown the way I’d like it to be. Like I said I’m a newbie so I don’t know a whole lot about making this interesting. I hope I can find some followers someday.

I know it takes time to build a blog/website and make it successful, I’m just impatient I guess lol I love to write about my life and to also help others at the same time. That is my goal and will always be my goal. I can’t wait to get educated on blogging so that I can get to the good stuff. Sorry this is so boring. Please don’t give up. Thank you!

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I've only recently (at 43 years old) realized what my life's purpose is. I want to help others by sharing my experiences and creating a space where people can come, to feel supported and safe. I've endured struggles since the day I was born, as many of us have, and it's therapeutic to write about my life. Also, to help others but also to learn and grow by understanding other victims and their experiences as well.

6 thoughts on “Need help with blog: Newbie

  1. I’m still fairly new to blogging. I started in March and remember feeling the same way and I’m still learning. I’m still trying to figure out how to put menus on my blog along with a contact page. I tried to get help through their chat technician but she wasn’t able to effectively help me. If I understand your question correctly, changing the background is found in your settings. (hope that at the very least this guides you in the right direction).


    1. That’s the stuff I’m working on learning too. Of course it’ll take time, but like most bloggers, or so I’ve read, I want it to be perfect right now lol Thanks again for your comments and assistance, I appreciate it


  2. I don’t know about the background but some tips for gaining followers.

    • comment on other blogs
    • use categories and tags. No more than ten tags per post
    • use other social media such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to promote and share your blog.
    • post often

    I hope that helps.

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