Life after Narcissistic Abuse — I’m Still Standing

What resources have helped you move forward after narcissistic abuse? The following has worked for me. I educated myself on narcissism because I wanted to know why things happened the way it did. I now have the knowledge and understanding of why a narcissist behaves the way they do. Since then I now ask how […]

Life after Narcissistic Abuse — I’m Still Standing

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Published by bosssurvivor

I've only recently (at 43 years old) realized what my life's purpose is. I want to help others by sharing my experiences and creating a space where people can come, to feel supported and safe. I've endured struggles since the day I was born, as many of us have, and it's therapeutic to write about my life. Also, to help others but also to learn and grow by understanding other victims and their experiences as well.

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